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Knative vs OpenFaaS: What are the differences?

Knative vs OpenFaaS: What are the differences? Knative and OpenFaaS can be primarily classified as "Serverless / Task Processing" tools. What is Knative? Kubernetes-based platform for serverless workloads. Knative provides a set of middleware components that are essential to build modern, source-centric, and container-based applications that can run anywhere: on premises, in the cloud, or even in a third-party data center. Github Repository: Strong points weakness Full serverless platform No persistent queue Uses istio Istio required No GUI Few faas platform helpers What is OpenFaaS? Serverless Functions Made Simple for Kubernetes and Docker. Serverless Functions Made Simple for Docker and Kubernetes. Github Repository: Strong points w

Git good practices

What is a Pull Request (PR)? First of all, what is a Pull Request (PR)? A PR is a method used to contribute to a project by proposing the modifications that the developer wishes to make on the main repository. It is the most used contribution method with decentralized version management tools (such as Git) and the most widely used thanks to GitHub and Open Source projects. Indeed, in the Open Source world, PR is very frequently used when a developer wishes to contribute to a project, whether to improve it and / or help in its development. For example, some will add documentation, translation, tests, while others will offer code enhancements or add functionality. The main objective of a PR is to discuss the proposed changes with the people responsible for the original repository to be sure that the quality of their work is maintained. We submit these changes to the depot managers that can accept these changes by merging them and close the PR. Note - It is important to understand that